Thursday, 6 June 2013

Episode 7 and Quotes from Episode 8 of 《小子当家》 (I'm in charge)

In episode 7 of 《小子当家》 (I'm in charge),  Liu Guowei (played by Elvin Ng) together with Wang Xiaohui , went to see the principal and discipline master of Jiemin's (Liu Guo wei's niece) school.  He pleaded with the principal not to expel Jiemin from school, or else she will end up joining secret society and enter the path of no return.

Elvin Ng acted this part very well.  It was done in an amusing way and made us laugh. I also noticed the way he twitch his facial muscle that even Lynn also agreed that he did that expression very well, it was really not easy to do that. Thumbs up for Elvin Ng. :)

In episode 8, Benson Lee said this to Wang Jiahao:
"人啊, 最重要的武器不是拳头,而是头脑" 

which translates as "Our most powerful weapon isn't our fists, is our mind"

How true!

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