Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Sengkang Riverside Park

I have always wanted to go to Sengkang Riverside Park  Yesterday, since there was no haze, we brought the kids there.

We had our lunch at the Mushroom Cafe in the Park. It's a sheltered outdoor cafe. They sell food such as  nasi lemak, laksa, mee rebus, sambal fish with rice etc and at foodcourt prices. The servings were big enough for us (Ardon and me). We are considered average eaters. Halfway through our lunch, it started to rain. After Sera finished eating her food, she got bored. She started to sing and play with her soft toys.

When the rain slackened, we went out to walk around the park. 

Starfruit Tree

Mangosteen Tree

Can you see a green bird on the tree in the picture below?

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