Tuesday 18 June 2013

Punggol Point Park and Punggol Jetty

We had a bit of time last Thursday so we thought we would drop by Punggol Point Park and Punggol Jetty.  It was a sunny day so it was a good day to visit this place.

The road leading to Punggol Jetty
Upon arrival, we were awed by the magnificent sea view.  It's been a long time since we last went to the beach.  I simply loved the view of the sea and could not resist taking many shots of it.  

You can see some people fishing at the jetty in the picture below.

This is the water lily pond.  There are some fishes swimming inside too.

sand filled playground
This part is supposed to be a cowboy town ranch - Punggol Ranch, owned by Gallop Stables.  Not sure whether it has started operations as we did not have the time to take a further look at this. 

If you are not driving, you can take bus service number 84 from Punggol interchange.  It would be good to check the SBS transit web site for the latest update on the bus service number in case there are changes in the the bus routes.

This place is so beautiful.  Will want to come back again when we have the time :)

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