Sunday 4 January 2015

Episodes 29 and 30 of 《信约:动荡的年代》"The Journey : Tumultuous Times" (Last Two Episodes)

Hong Dangyong married Zhang Min despite the fact that she was carrying Zhang Yan's baby. Zhang Min then gave birth to a boy and Dangyong treated the boy as his own. 

Zhang Jia was attacked and stabbed. He finally decided to leave the criminal underworld after much persuasion from Zhang Min, Dangyong and Minghui. He started a laundry business.

Three years later, Zhang Min was pregnant with Dangyong's child. 

One night, some policemen entered the village where Dangyong and his family stayed (not sure whether they were going after Dangyong or some other criminals). The dogs in the village started to bark and, thus alerted, Dangyong left his house and hid from the police. On that same night, Zhang Min's water bag burst and she went into labour. She got her son Hong Kuan, who was only 3 years old, to get the  midwife to come over to help with the delivery. Incredible!

Hong Minghui divorced Zhang Yan after her mum, Yazi, passed away.

Zhang Yan heard from Bai Gou about Hong Dangyong and Zhang Min's whereabouts. He went to the village and set fire to their house. The fire spread fast. Zhang Yan was injured and his leg got stuck under a chicken cage. Dangyong rescued Zhang Yan because Zhang Yan promised that he would own up to setting the fire and surrender to the police. However, as soon as he walked over to the police, he told the police that Dangyong was from the underground and was a wanted man. At that moment, Dangyong decided not to run away anymore. He studied law while serving his jail sentence.

Zhang Jia finally went back to the Zhang family. In addition to the laundry business, he also started a restaurant business and was doing  quite well.

Zhang Tianpeng went back to his company and was shocked to learn from a new staff that his company had been sold away two years ago by Zhang Yan. He suffered a heart attack and passed away.

In Britain, Zhang Yan was upset over the demise of his dad and got drunk. He then quarrelled with his girlfriend, Lulu and killed her. There was no mention of what happened to him after that. 

Zhang Jia was attacked by Bai Gou again and, this time round, he killed Bai Gou. Hong Minghui and Zhang Jia eventually got married. Minghui was pregnant at the end of the show.

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