Friday 2 January 2015

Episode 53 of "118"

"118" is currently airing on Channel 8, every day from Monday to Friday at 7.30 pm. 

In episode 53, Shanshan (姗姗)told Zhigao (志高) about some parents saying that the Primary 1 textbooks were too easy and that their children were already reading Primary 5 and 6 textbooks even though they were going to be in Primary 1 next year. She was worried that Viveka would lose out. Viveka was the daughter of Alex Lee (Shanshan's boyfriend).

Below were parts of their conversation.


就好像灌香肠, 你不能拼命的灌。

姗姗: 可是大家都那么怕输, 我们这些不怕输的就惨了, 就一定被抛到后头了。


他就好像五千米,一万米, 甚至是全程马拉松 

These were translated as:

Zhigao: Don't worry. Don't you know haste makes waste?
Plan for a child's education in a systematic way. 
Don't be afraid to lose out. 
Take making sausages for instance. 
If you overstuff the casing, it'll burst eventually.

Shanshan: But everyone is afraid of losing out. If we don't follow suit, we'll drop behind the rest.

Zhigao: Don't be certain about that. 
Every child learns at a different pace. 
Learning is not a 100 m sprint.
It's more like a marathon.
Although it's a long process, and some kids may be faster in the beginning, what matters is making it to the finishing point.

Agree totally.

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