Tuesday 3 June 2014

Quotes from Episode 14 of 《球在你脚下》("World at Your Feet")

《球在你脚下》("World at Your Feet") is a MediaCorp production and is currently airing on Channel 8, from Monday to Friday at 9 pm.

I like these lines from last night's episode (episode 14).

梅仁信: 其实人生就像喝这杯茶一样,会苦一阵子,可绝对不会苦一辈子。

叶来香: 因为会越冲越淡。

梅仁信: 淡一点好啊!人生就是要简单,太浓的东西对人生不好。

Which can be translated as:

 Mei Ren Xin: Life is like this cup of tea. It may taste bitter for a while but it won't be bitter forever.

Ye Lai Xiang: The more water you add, the more bland it becomes.

Mei Ren Xin: The more bland, the better! Life should be simple. It's no good if it gets too complicated. 

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