Saturday 21 June 2014

"Now You See Her"

Last Sunday, we were at Giant Hypermart at Tampines and realized that it was having a small book fair beside the main Hypermart itself. All of the books were sold at $5.00. A pity we did not take note of the dates when the sale would end. 

"Now You See Her" was one of the books that we bought. It is a suspense thriller novel written by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge

What first attracted me to this book was its cover. Yes, I do judge a book by its cover first. Hee! hee! Next was the storyline itself. The blurb at the back of the book sure got me and Lynn interested enough to consider getting the book.

Next would be the font size of the words. Lynn and I did not like to get books with small font size. We did not want to strain our eyes while reading. The font size looked okay and words were well spaced. 

At $5.00, it was a bargain. I don't buy or read books just because they were written by famous authors.

Upon reading this book, I noticed that all of the chapters were short, usually less than 6 pages, which made it an easy read. 

This novel was very exciting. I did not want to stop once I started reading it. There were many moments of suspense. I finished reading it a few days ago. Now, it's off to Lynn.

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