Saturday, 17 May 2014

3-in-1 Tea

At times, I like to drink milk tea. By this, I meant the type found in Ya Kun Kaya Toast and coffee shops. I particularly like the one in Ya Kun Kaya Toast as the standard of the milk tea is consistent. 

One day, I had the chance to try Max Tea Tarikk. The flavour and aroma of tea was quite strong. In fact, a bit too bitter for me. With a teaspoon of condensed milk added, it was quite good. I was quite happy to be able to find this. I could finally enjoy a good cup of milk tea at home.

Some time last year, NTUC had an offer on Old Town White Coffee products and we bought 1 packet of Old Town White Coffee 3-in-1 (White Milk Tea). We were glad we bought it. We just needed to add hot water to it and the taste was just right. The taste of this milk tea was different from Max Tea milk tea. Nevertheless, both were good enough for us.

So for now, these two brands of 3-in-1 tea are my favourite. The only problem was, not all NTUC supermarkets sell them.

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