Wednesday 4 February 2015

Cast of 《信约:我们的家园》 "The Journey: Our Homeland"

"The Journey: Our Homeland" is the finale of the trilogy “The Journey”. It depicts the development of Singapore from 1966 to her era of prosperity in the 1980s. Click here for more information.

Actress Jeanette Aw would be reprising her role as Hong Muihui. Click here for more information on this. 

Rui En will play Yang Meixue, a straight-talking nurse who becomes good friends with Hong Minghui, a matron at Kandang Kerbau (KK) Hospital. Zhang Zhenhuan will play the character, Yan Yisheng - Yang Meixue's boyfriend. 

Shaun Chen, Andie Chen and Felicia Chin would be reprising their roles as a Zhang Jia, Hong Dangyong and Zhang Min respectively.

Romeo Tan will play dual roles as Hong Kuan and Zhang Yan (Hong Kuan's biological father). Hong Kuan is the first son of Zhang Min and the stepson of Hong Dangyong. Jeffrey Xu will play the role of Hong Rui, the second son of Zhang Min.

The Journey: Our Homeland also stars Rebecca Lim, Ian Fang, Julie Tan, Cheryl Wee and Shane Pow. Rebecca Lim will take on the role of Wan Fei Fei, who grew up in a poor family with her three siblings Wan Zi Cong (starring Ian Fang), Wan Zi Hua (starring Shane Pow) and Wan Fang Fang (starring Cheryl Wee). Julie Tan plays a tomboyish character named Yao Jia Hui. 

Click here for the other members of the cast of the drama serial.

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