Sunday 6 July 2014

《红蜻蜓》("Red Dragonfly")

On youth day last year, I shared this song《我的朋友我的同学我最爱的一切》(“My Friends, My classmates, My Most Beloved”) which I liked in my younger days.

This year, I would like to share this song 《红蜻蜓》("Red Dragonfly"). This song was sung by 小虎队 (Little Tigers)。They have always been my favourite boy band. The lyrics were written by 李子恒 and the music was composed by 长濑刚.

This song is very lively and brimming with youth. It makes people (especially me) feel young.




天空是永恒的家 大地就是它的王国


当烦恼越来越多 玻璃弹珠越来越少

我们都已经长大 好多梦正在飞
我们都已经长大 好多梦还要飞

Which can be translated as:

O Fly O Fly 
Look at that red dragonfly flying in the blue sky 
Playing in the wind, pursuing its dream 
The sky is its eternal home, the earth is its kingdom 
Flying is its life 

Our childhood was like pursuing the wind that growing up brings 
Gently blowing our dreams, slowly rising up the sky
The red dragonfly was then my little childhood hero 
How I wish I could fly with it one day.

As more troubles piled up,  marbles got lesser
I know I have slowly grown up 
The red dragonfly has since
slowly disappeared from my life. 

We have grown up
A lot of dreams still flying around
Just like the red dragonfly we had seen during childhood years. 
We have grown up
A lot of dreams still left to pursue 

Just like the red dragonfly in our memories.

Happy Youth Day!

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