Wednesday 2 July 2014

Episode 1 of 《步步惊情》("Scarlet Heart 2")

Yay! MediaCorp had started broadcasting the TV drama Serial《步步惊情》("Scarlet Heart 2")  last night at 10 pm on channel U. from Mondays to Fridays. I was pretty much looking forward to this. 《步步惊情》("Scarlet Heart 2") was the sequel to步步惊心》 ("Scarlet Heart").

《步步惊情》("Scarlet Heart 2") started off with emperor Yong Zheng (played by Nicky Wu 吴奇隆) saying "If you can't return to this world, I'll look for you in your world". He put a jade ring and hairpin in a small treasure chest and gave instructions for the treasure chest to be sent to the northwest - Ruoxi's  homeland. On their journey to the northwest, the troops escorting the treasure chest and other valuables met a sandstorm. 

Fast forward to the 1980s. Five guys went on an expedition to find the legendary treasure chest. They met with a tornado, survived it and miraculously found the treasure.

Now, back to the modern era. Zhang Xiao (played by Cecilia Liu 刘诗诗) woke up from her coma in the hospital. For three months, she kept visiting the museum every day to look at those paintings and other stuff that were once familiar to her. 

One day, she saw a person who looked like emperor Yong Zheng (played by Nicky Wu) and tears just kept flowing down her cheeks. Later she found out that he was the manager of Zhen Tian Corporation and his name is Yin Zheng. She subsequently applied for a job there and her interviewer was someone who looked like the tenth prince. This tenth prince look-a-like did not intend to employ her. The chairman (played by Damian Lau 刘松仁) of the Zhen Tian Corporation happened to pass by, had a short conversation with Zhang Xiao and decided to employ her. Later, he instructed his staff to do a family background check on Zhang Xiao. Then, there was a scene which showed a picture of a lady with long hair who looked like Zhang Xiao. Now, I am wondering. What was the relationship between the chairman, the lady in the picture and Zhang Xiao?

Episode 1 ended with Zhang Xiao walking at the stairway. She saw a lady who was dressed in a Qing dynasty costume fall down. When that lady got up, Zhang Xiao was shocked! She looked like herself (Zhang Xiao). Was that lady Ruoxi? Now, who is who?

I shall continue to watch and find out the answers. 

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