Wednesday 8 January 2014

Last Episode of 《信约:唐山到南洋》"The Journey: A Voyage"

In the last Episode of 《信约:唐山到南洋》"The Journey: A Voyage", Mingzhu found out that Dong-en had been coughing out blood and urged him to see a doctor. Dong-en then told her he was actually poisoned and there was no cure for that. He also told her about his plans to cancel his engagement with his bride-to-be from China and that he had already made a will to ensure that his business would have a successor and that his grandmother, Mingzhu, Huiniang as well as Xiuxiang would be well provided for even after he passed away.

Zhang Tianying, Huiniang and Zhang Tianpeng managed to sell their ointment to some shops on consignment basis and also used the ointment to help the poor people. 

Zhang Tianpeng managed to find Hong Shi and persuaded him to go back to his wife and son. Hong Shi told him that he was very much perturbed by the fact the Yazi had previously allowed Heilong to carry her on the street without any struggles and ate the porridge that Heilong bought for her. Zhang Tianpeng went to look for Yazi and asked her about this matter. Yazi explained to him that at that time, she was near starvation and ate some wild mushrooms which happened to be poisonous. Heilong managed to save her in time but she was already very weak. She had no strength to struggle and she ate the porridge because she wanted to keep the baby (Hong Shi's child) in her alive. She said she believed that Hong Shi was still alive. She was willing to wait for him to return, even if it meant a lifetime. She was even willing to wait for him in her next life if he did not come back in this lifetime.

Hong Shi then appeared in front of Yazi. While I expected Yazi to be overcome with joy and run to Hong Shi, it seemed that she nearly fainted. Heilong suddenly appeared and wanted to shoot both Zhang Tianpeng and Hong Shi. The three of them started fighting. Somehow, Heilong and Hong Shi slid over the edge of a cliff with Heilong pulling/holding onto Hong Shi's feet. Zhang Tianpeng managed to grab hold of Hong Shi's hands in time. Yazi then took a big rock and threw it at Heilong, causing Heilong to fall to his death.

Before Dong-en set off to China, he paid a visit to Huiniang in Singapore. He also bethrothed Huiniang to Zhang Tianying. After Dong-en left for China, Huiniang dreamt of him telling her that he had left and would not be able to see her children. Huiniang woke up feeling very upset. Then, we were shown a scene of Dong-en lying on the floor motionless followed by a scene of a ship. It seemed that he died on the ship. I was actually quite sad to see that a good person like Dong-en should die in this manner -poisoned to death and died on board a ship.

Throughout the show, Xiuxiang had mentioned several times that the Zhang's (Dong-en's) ancestors had done many evil deeds and this caused them to have no descendants. At the end of this drama, with the demise of Dong-en, they had no more descendants. Maybe this was to prepare us for this eventuality? But more importantly, this was caused by Zhang Guangda! 

I was glad that at the end of the drama, Mingzhu finally ended up with Zhang Tianpeng and they both had a son. Zhang Tianying and Huiniang had a son and a daughter. Yazi and Hong Shi subsequently had another daughter.

《信约:唐山到南洋》"The Journey: A Voyage" was supposed to be the first part of a trilogy planned by MediaCorp. I wonder if the second part of "The Journey" would revolved around the children of the three couples mentioned above? We shall see...

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