Tuesday 7 January 2014

Episode 30 of 《信约:唐山到南洋》"The Journey: A Voyage"

Last night was the second last episode of 《信约:唐山到南洋》"The Journey: A Voyage". Zhang Guangda (played by Terence Cao) wanted to beat his concubine, Mingzhu to death. Dong-en (played by Elvin Ng) tried to stop him but was not his match. Zhang Tianpeng (played by Li Nanxing) came to their house in time to save Mingzhu (played by Chris Tong) and brought her to the hospital. Dong-en was held captive by Guangda and was fed mercury laden poison for refusing to reveal the true location of the tin granary. According to Guangda, this would not kill Dong-en immediately but his health will go downhill day by day.

Zhang Tianpeng went back to Dong-en's place but was arrested by the police. At this point, I was wondering who else could save Dong-en. Ardon then said must be Heilong (played by Pierre Png) - you need a baddie to deal with baddie. True enough, Zhang Guang Da was killed by Heilong. Incidentally, Charlie Zhang happened to see Heilong walked out from the crime scene and he too was shot dead by Heilong. So Heilong indirectly saved Zhang Tianpeng and Dong-en.

All this while, Huiniang (Dong-en sister, played by Joanne Peh) was in Singapore with Tianying. Dong-en had entrusted her with the task of passing the documents containing details of the new tin granary to their granduncle in Singapore. Huiniang was also the one who informed Zhang Tianpeng about Zhang Guangda's intention to kill Mingzhu. While Zhang Tianpeng went to Malaysia to save Mingzhu, Huiniang stayed behind in Singapore and helped Zhang Tianying produced a new ointment. 

After Zhang Guangda's death, Zhang Tianpeng told Mingzhu that he would wait for her as he knew Mingzhu would want to stay behind to look after her mother-in-law who got stroke. Mingzhu told him she would not leave even if her mother-in-law passed away. She wanted to be in control of her destiny. Zhang Tianpeng told her he too, wanted to be in control of his own destiny, so he would continue to wait for her.

Tonight is the last episode of 《信约:唐山到南洋》"The Journey: A Voyage". Will Mingzhu end up with Zhang Tianpeng? Who will Huiniang end up with? Will Hong Shi be able to kick his opium addiction and reunite with his wife, Yazi (played by Jeannette Aw)?  What will be the ending for a bad guy like Heilong? We shall see tonight, at 9 pm on Channel 8.

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