Friday 20 November 2015


《起飞》“Crescendo" is a drama production by WaWa Pictures and is currently airing on MediaCorp channel 8 from Monday to Friday, at 9 pm.

So far, I enjoyed all the Xinyao songs in 《起飞》“Crescendo". 

I had suspected that Irene (played by Jacelyn Tay), the ex-wife of Jiang Chufan (played by Zheng Binhui) had hidden a agenda when she volunteered to to use her company's funds to invest in the music company called Crescendo - which was initially jointly owned by Yang Yiwei (played by Christopher Lee), Luo Dawei (played by Darren Lim) and Jiang Chufan. Through her careful plotting, she finally got rid of Yiwei as the CEO of Crescendo. Luo Dawei and Chufan were not interested to be the CEO of Crescendo, so naturally she got to be the next CEO of Crescendo.  I wonder how the story would go on from there. Would she make a better CEO in terms of improving the bottom line of Crescendo? 

I am also looking forward to watching the Crescendo concert on the last episode which would be edited from the real life concert that was held on 14 Nov 2015. 

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